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Quantum Touch QT

Quantum Touch is a gentle simple technique, generally using the lightest of touches to raise your body's energy vibration to allow it to heal.

You may have heard of healing hands? This is similar - it's a gentle hands on technique, however it can still work without any touch at all depending on the severity of the pain, or where the client is located. Quantum Touch can help your physical pain or disfigurement, without any pills or side effects!

Quantum Touch works mainly with the physical but can also assist with the emotional needs, pain and disfigurement.

One of QT's profound effects is that the changes often occur in front of your eyes and can be easily seen. Hips, shoulder blades and spines have been known to significantly and visibly move. The technique is very gentle and only your specific needs are addressed: nothing that shouldn't move will.

Quantum Touch Consultation

For a consultation please contact us, (consultations can be in person or via skype), for more info on Quantum Touch read on, or visit the official Quantum Touch Website.

Consultation sessions last up to 1.5 hours and cost R500 per session (there are discounts available for multiple sessions).

More information

If you have back, neck or hip problems, any physical aches or pains, Quantum Touch can help bring significant, rapid relief. Sports injuries, inflammation, bites, stings, toothache - even heartache - Quantum Touch soothes and heals in no time. Try QT and see what it can do for you; often the results are immediate!

What is Quantum Touch?
Quantum Touch uses simple breathing techniques to align the body to allow it to heal itself. The effect is so immediate you can actually see bones spontaneously re-aligning themselves, and inflamations disappear in minutes. As this is a form of energetic healing, it is the technique that allows the body to heal itself. If used in conjunction with any other modality, it will literally speed up the process of recovery.

The Quantum Touch Technique
Quantum Touch is a method of hands-on healing involving the lightest of touches; it simply must be seen to be believed. A light touch is applied to the pain, area of discomfort or disfigurement. Often the pain will move and what's known as "chasing the pain" happens, to quite simply chase the pain from your body. In some cases the technique can be applied over a distance.

How does it work?
Quantum Touch works holistically on the premise that your body essentially wants to heal itself, however often we get in our own way and our body gets confused. Quantum Touch uses various techniques to raise the energy in your body, particularly in the affected area, to allow blockages to be released and balance to be restored. This can result in lessening of pain, alignment of bones or a shift of thinking.

Who can use Quantum Touch?
Anyone who wants to be treated holistically, pregnant woman or anyone who can't or doesn't want to take medication for any reason, or simply if you want to speed up a healing your body is currently going through.

Nicky Davies - Founder of Towards Health


Nicky Davies - Founder of Towards Health


Nicky Davies - Founder of Towards Health

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