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Matrix Reimprinting (MR)

Healing with MR (Matrix Reimprinting) is a more advanced form of EFT and helps resolve almost any childhood or current experience holding you back. It works by changing your past to transform your future.

Matrix Reimprinting (MR) is an empowering technique where you become your own healer while being safely guided by your experienced MR practitioner. You will be guided, via your subconscious, to empower yourself and free your energy held in any recent or past difficult or traumatic event you have experienced. You should not experience any re-traumatising, but more empowering enlightenment to transform your future to a brighter and lighter place.

MR Consultation

For a consultation please contact us.

Consultation sessions last up to 1.5 hours and cost R500 per session (there are discounts available for multiple sessions).

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What is Matrix Reimprinting?
In short - It's being guided into the matrix via EFT in a safe and empowering way. Along the way new perspectives and directions are discovered with the use of a toolkit of resources allowing new possible futures to emerge.

We call this split off part an ECHO (Energetic Consciousness HOlogram) and it is held in a local biomorphic field around our body.  This field is part of the larger quantum field, (first called The Matrix by Max Planck in 1944) that quantum physics has established experimentally.  This field or matrix is all around us, and connects us to our past. This is because we hold our specific traumas and stressful life experiences in the matrix, and they influence our every thought pattern, behaviour and action.

When we hold these traumatic experiences in our field, we continue to attract similar experiences. With Matrix Reimprinting (MR) once we resolve the trauma, we change the point of attraction to a more positive memory and we then begin to draw more fulfilling and life sustaining experiences.   Its a bit like having a magnet around our body tuned to a certain type of trauma(s) attracting similar experiences again and again.  Then through MR we re-tune this magnet to attract (the way you relate to your trauma) more helpful situations.

Matrix Reimprinting can help with all physical, mental and emotional ill-health along with releasing trauma or negative patterns that may be holding you back.

Matrix Reimprinting is faster and more empowering than more traditional methods, although it can be used complimentary to these to speed the process up. MR does not have to replace what is already being tried, more it can speed up the efficiency of this. MR also avoids any re-traumatising or feelings of guilt and shame that in many traumatic events are often regularly experienced.

What is the Technique?
MR uses EFT, where the practitioner will, with your permission, tap on various parts of your body, mainly the hands and head, while guiding you into the matrix to shift past experience via the energy field. This is also possible via Skype.

How does it work?
MR uses your symptoms and your subconscious to take you to the core limiting situation, change the energy around that situation by empowering you with a toolkit of resources. As a result, noticeable shifts can be expected either immediately and/or in the following weeks. You change your energy and the things around you start changing in alignment with this.

MR essentially re-aligns your energy at the point the blockage or unbalance occurred. Most people find it very relaxing and empowering.

Who can use MR?
Anyone wanting to experience change and/or transformation in their life.

Nicky Davies - Founder of Towards Health

Nicky Davies - Founder of Towards Health

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