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Journey of Life

You might think while I’m here in Spain I’m lazing around on the beach all day, having afternoon Siestas and partying all night.  Well maybe to an extent, after all I am here semi on holiday!  However exercise is one thing I’m getting plenty of too from long walks around the historical parts of town, along the board walks, up and down several flights of stairs at my hotel – why take the lift when you can walk right?  Well I’m also doing some running and as I was on my run this evening I got to thinking how like life my current running flow is.

Why is that you ask? Well I have been running very sporadically, weekly or bi-weekly at most back home in Cape Town, attempting to incorporate it more into my routine somewhat unsuccessfully the last year.  Since being here in Spain I’ve been running more or less every evening around 5.30pm when the sun is less powerful so I’m less likely to get burnt and melt away in sweat.

The first few runs I went on while gaining my fitness were along the flat boardwalk next to the beach, once I got into a rhythm it felt like I could run forever.

You know when life goes smoothly and you feel you can take anything thrown your way?

This is generally when you are on a roll, things going well and you are actually ready to go deeper and grow more.

Then BOOM we came across a very slight incline, I was unprepared and I went from ‘’feeling I could last for hours’’ to my legs screaming out ‘’stop stop stop, this isn’t what I signed up for!!!” and I ground to a halt, well a walk as my legs just weren’t up to running.  The unexpected changed everything.

How’s this like life? Well have you ever had something in life hit you unexpectedly? Knock you for six and that easy time quickly forgotten?  You just want to scream out to the universe, God, Allah whoever you happen to turn to in times like this – why me, I can’t take this why can’t it be easy or whatever cry for help you might use.

Well, when I went for a run the next day I was determined that no minor slope was going to set me back this time, I was (mentally) armed and ready for unexpected slopes (boat ramps) that may come my way as I could go a bit further this time.

Well, I made the tiny slope that stumped me so badly the previous day, stumbled over some large rocks, then quite a long stretch of rather a large stony beach involving quite alot more leg effort not only slowed me down but exhausted me so there I was back to walking, I’d made it further but still had to resort to walking, although the run is now an hour not half an hour so that’s something.

Sometimes when life hits you and you feel you’re taking two steps forward and several back, it’s time to look around turn to see how far you’ve come, it might seem like you’re ‘back to walking again’ and nothing has changed, but turn around and see just how far you have come, pat yourself on the back, celebrate, start writing a success journal or gratitude journal as your success fitness grows.  This is a wonderful tool I learnt from my friend Donna McCallum.

Now after a day or two of fitness building up past the flat boardwalk and over the stony beach, I made it past this along another flat stretch before getting to the limestone cliffs with spectacular views where I really felt I was out in nature and further on still overlooking stunning secluded beaches.  I’d made it further than I ever imagined.

Wow, now to summarise.  The first stage of my fitness running on a flat boardwalk next to the sea was great, the views of the hills in the distance, the beaches nearby was all pretty amazing, and if that’s all I knew there was I would be pretty happy and satisfied with that.  Once I got fitter I would be able to run it more easily and in a shorter time with a sense of achievement, nothing wrong with that.  However, by pushing and challenging myself and being prepared for a few curved balls of upward inclines, stones, rocks and ponds I broke through what at first was tough and at times I just didn’t know how I was going to do it, but I persevered.  At times I felt the pain, uncertain I was going to make it, then I came out the other side not only being able to go further and feeling a sense of achievement, but the places I managed to see as a result and because of my new found fitness were way more satisfying, spectacular and fulfilling than making it to the end of the boardwalk would ever be.

Now this story is not about blowing my trumpet but hopefully sharing with you what is possible.

What was required here was persistence & perseverance, belief in myself and that it was possible.  This is the same with life and your dreams, believe you can achieve your dreams of health, wealth and/or relationship, be willing to put in the effort knowing it may not always be easy but with persistence you CAN get there and when you do – WOW, imagine that.

Knowing there are those times when it seems easy and anything is possible, this is often just before you are about to go deeper into a bigger challenge, but this doesn’t mean your world has to come to an end, everything is falling apart, what it means is that there is something even bigger, better and greater around the corner – what Mediterranean view is just around the corner for you?  Do you want to stay on the boardwalk or push a little further to see what limestone cliffs are just around the corner just a slight incline away?

With all this in mind, I am so grateful that I have all the tools to help me in my healing practice to get prepared for the curved balls that may come my way, build my fitness so that I can get to the viewpoint I want with immense satisfaction.  In this way I feel like a personal trainer for life as EFT helps you get past those inclines, big and small rocks and climb those cliffs to the amazing views, Quantum Touch helps ease those aching limbs along the way, Matrix Reimprinting helps select the view you want to reach, is it limestone cliffs, rolling hills, sandy beaches, open fields, snowy ski slopes or whatever your choice of view is?  Access Consciousness Bars helps your brain gets past the ‘’I can’t do it’’ going on in your mind and Applied Kinesiology Energetix directs you to the most efficient route to take to get you to that view.

Wow, How Can It Get Better Than That?

I hope this helps you.

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