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Infinite Possibilities -REALising Your Dreams and Goals

Achieve the impossible...


Infinite Possibilities – REALising Your Dreams & Goals

Do you have a dream you don’t think is possible to achieve?

Do your dreams feel too big and scary?

Do you find yourself with some goals you can achieve but some that seem forever out of reach?

Do you find yourself going one step forward and two steps back never seeming to achieve what you want to achieve?

If you answered YES to even one of these questions – Infinite Possibilities REALising your Dreams & Goals is for you.

There are loads of options to sign up for, and its all online so all you need is a fairly standard computer and email dates still to be decided, prices all at 50% discount.

  1. Full package – REALising your Dreams & Goals A-Z.  If you know exactly what you want but you never seem to get there you want help and guidance achieving your goal every step of the way.  You want someone to catch you when you fall, help you understand why you seem to keep falling backwards, you need tools to help you get there.  Then this is the one for you.  You’re a complete novice or have played a bit with climbing mountains but nothing serious you need everything – training, tools and all the gear as well as a good guide who’s done it all before.
    Contact: – Price: R1800 for six months or R500 per month over six months. (standard price R3000/850 per month)

  2. Part package – Tools to REALise your Dreams & Goals.  You know what you want and you’ve been trying to achieve them for years but you just don’t seem to be getting there. Maybe you’ve achieved many goals but there’s just one elusive goal that just seems to keep slipping through your fingers. You may even have some tools but you need some new tools, more tools and help getting there.  You’re a mountaineer with limited gear to help you summit Everest.
    Contact: – Price: R990 for three months or R400 per month over three months. (standard price R1800/680 per month)

  3. Mini package – mini Tools to REALise yourDreams & Goals.  You know exactly what you want and have achieved some success but you need more help.  You have plenty of tools but want to try something new.  You’re a mountaineer with all the gear and have summited lots of big mountains even attempted Everest, now its time to get there and maybe try a new guide.
    Contact: R750 for two months or R400 per month over two months. (standard price R1200/R680 per month)

  4. Part package – one Month taster – REALise your Dreams & Goals.  You don’t know if this is for you or not but you’re willing to give it a go.  You either have some goals or are willing to find some and try it out.  You don’t want to commit but you might be interested.  You don’t know if mountaineering is for you.  You don’t want to go to Everest you need somewhere else to start maybe you just want to start with some hiking gear and start with a smallish mountain not much taller than Table Mountain see what its like. 
    Contact: – Price: R400 for one month. (standard price R680 for one month)







“Positive changes started happening instantly in my life. The program managed to change my attitude completely, allowing success and prosperity to take root and removing a lot of blockages and self doubts. I am now allowing myself to receive wealth, instead of resisting it for no good reason.” RN - Durban

“I am experiencing so much release from blockages and working with Nicky’s EFT course specifically designed towards the creation of abundance, is powerfully helping to shift these blockages. I remained stuck in old behaviour patterns, until this work with Nicky. Like she said – you have to do the internal work as well.”

“Almost as soon as I started with the course, so many positive things started happening for me in my business. I am loving that I am back on track with saving and keeping a good eye on how money gets spent. There have been some AHA moments and realisations as to why things are the way they are.   Setting goals, knowing what is holding us back and learning how to fix it - what more could we ask for?”

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