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Six week online empowering program designed to transform your experience with money for the better.


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Do you ever struggle with money? Do you regularly run out of money at the end of the month? Do you have credit card debt? Do you have any patterns around money that don’t work for you?

Want to change that?

Then Towards Health’s Infinite Possibilities with Abundance is for you.


Want to know more?

This program is a six week program that follows the values of all TowardsHealth products as it is aimed to empower you and transform your life for the better.  At the end of the program you will have lots of tools to keep and use in the future so that your financial situation continues to improve and grow. You will also have access to a supportive closed Facebook Group so you can share your tips, offer each other support and see that you are not alone.  You get to remain a part of this group for life if you wish.

How does it get better than that?

This is NOT

  • A 'get rich quick' scheme
  • A guide to how to invest your money to make you rich
  • A fast track to promotion to earn big bucks

This IS

  • Practical
  • Empowering
  • Healing Based
  • Online


  • Assist you in deciding what you want money to buy you and give you the tips and tools to use so that this can show up with ease.
  • Help you discover those beliefs you have around money that are holding you back and alter them so that your relationship with money is transformed forever and you can then start seeing your money situation changing.
  • Heal the challenges you currently have around money today
  • Give you practical tips and tools that are yours forever, to get money working for you

This is a limited offer to the first 15 people who book and pay the deposit (first payment of R500 or payment of R950 in full). Personalised attention is guaranteed.

Sign up below to Register!  When you’ve registered you will receive a ‘confirmation of registration’ letter which will include all the instructions for payment, including confirmation of any discount you have applied for.

*Please note if you are an Energy Healers Association member you qualify for a 10% discount.







“Positive changes started happening instantly in my life. The program managed to change my attitude completely, allowing success and prosperity to take root and removing a lot of blockages and self doubts. I am now allowing myself to receive wealth, instead of resisting it for no good reason.” RN - Durban

“I am experiencing so much release from blockages and working with Nicky’s EFT course specifically designed towards the creation of abundance, is powerfully helping to shift these blockages. I remained stuck in old behaviour patterns, until this work with Nicky. Like she said – you have to do the internal work as well.”

“Almost as soon as I started with the course, so many positive things started happening for me in my business. I am loving that I am back on track with saving and keeping a good eye on how money gets spent. There have been some AHA moments and realisations as to why things are the way they are.   Setting goals, knowing what is holding us back and learning how to fix it - what more could we ask for?”

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