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You have to believe...

The first rule in anything is YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE

If you think you don't have to have the resources, the skills, the education, or the support - in fact, all you need is to Believe you can achieve it. All that which you need will come to you when you believe.

So how do you believe?

Here is a simple fun trick I learnt, and to make it more powerful I have combined it with EFT.

Step 1. Decide on a Goal and write it down, read it through once (in present positive tense)
e.g. I am an olympic champion in swimming
My normal weight is 60 kg

Step 2. Stand infront of a mirror and look at yourself in the eyes and say "No matter how bad it is, no matter how hard it gets, I believe I can achieve it"

Repeat this TEN TIMES at least once a day.

For even more power tap at the same time to get rid of all the self-doubt that may arise. Click here for tapping chart.

Try this for 2 weeks and make sure you take action on anything towards your goal that comes your way.

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