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About Us

Nicky Davies, Founder Towards Health

I have always been interested in psychology and the mind - I even studied the first year of a psychology degree while working full time in Canada. I gave this up when I discovered it would take me 12 years to complete and I was doing it more out of interest than anything.

For the next few years I just worked in the property and university industries with no study. I pretty much enjoyed what I did but thought I was one of those people who was a generalist. I didn't have a true passion, and just bumbled along in an easy going way until one day I met the Fairy Godmother and that changed my life. After a one day Dream Mapping workshop - having had no idea what my passion was - I formulated a sentence that had me tingling all over with joy, that has changed my life dramatically ever since.

What is known as my Wildly Improbable Goal (WIG) is: I own and run a world renouned international mind-psychology healing centre.

Now I didn't really know what that was but I knew it got me excited. From there I started having the most incredible co-incidences and amazing opportunities come my way. A few years later I trained in a number healing modalities I had never heard of before.  I am now living my dreams healing using a number of different modalities I have in my toolbox. Two of my favourite are Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Matrix Reimprinting using EFT(MR).

Now I have a business with regular clients, running training programmes and workshops - and every day is full of exciting new opportunities. All of this takes a lot of time and effort and I'm eternally grateful to my supportive partner which is why my current dream is 'To own and run an world renouned international mind-psychology healing centre with the man of my dreams at my side supporting me all the way'.

My purpose is to be a conduit of information and a vessel for transformation. This website, my newsletters and training provide the conduit of information and the workshops and my healing modalities provide the vessel for transformation.

I love to inspire, heal, empower and uplift people in their every day lives and it brings that inspiration back to me triplefold. If information, healing and/or transformation is what you are looking for, you've come to the right place.

What I offer:

Removing blocks to your success in all areas of your life (health, wealth, relationship...) using the following methods, and giving your practical tools to move forward with your life. 

  • EFT (gentle meridian tapping)
  • Matrix Reimprinting using EFT 
  • Access Bars (gentle holding of points on the head holding lifetime of beliefs)
  • Quantum Touch (hands on healing)
  • Applied Kinesiology (asking your body where beliefs or blocks come from)

Nicky Davies - Founder of Towards Health

Mandela Day 2012 Radio Show

18 July 2012, Nicky on Taxi Radio after a day at Blikkisdorp, Cape Town. Download the MP3 here.


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